Training conducted in the North County (San Diego). Westview, Poway, and Orange Glenn. Contact us first to find out in which area we are training.

Our Approach

We provide the athlete with the fundamentals of generating speed. With these tools, once master an athlete will be able to generate the required speed at every level of play. We feel that giving the athlete this tool will allow them the ability to compete at all levels of play.


Our Story

We have found out over time, that most athletes were never instructed to increase speed. Most parents teach their child to walk, but not to sprint. This is an art form that takes time to master. But once mastered great success comes!

Meet the Team


Master Instructor / Coach Hall

Founder & Master Instructor

Master sprint coach, developer of THE ART OF SPEED and founder of The Generating Speed Academy. Has coached on the high school and college level, to include coaching professional athletes. Download your copy of The Art Of Speed here. AOS_PDF

Next Steps...


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