The Process

Human's are creatures of habit. Knowing this, our brain does not know if it is learning something right or wrong. So if an athlete has learned a skill set wrong, it will take time to unlearn, and therefore correct.

"Repetition is the mother of skill" Through a system of structured repetition our athletes master the new skill set.

Step One:

Evaluation, education and understanding the problem.

While our master instructor is evaluating the athlete. A series of drills and instruction is given to the athlete. We are also looking to see if the athlete is using those biomechanics skills to move effectively.

Step Two:

After the evaluation, the athlete is then educated. This is when they are introduced to the Art of Speed. As well, they learn why they can not generate speed.

Step Three:

Athletes are drilled and reviewed to see if they understand the process. This understanding is also viewed in the athletes ACTIONS!


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